#25 - On Finding Happiness In Simple Things | Brené Brown

Reflection ✏️

I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness — it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.
- Quote by Brené Brown

What if we stopped chasing the big adrenaline rushes, the big hits?

Would we be happier?

For some people, this might work.

The people who are stressed out by ever moving goal posts, and deadlines, and targets to hit.

The people who pursue themselves even without lofty ambitions, without seeking to add the next medal to the collection.

For others, it might not.

The people who like to be competitive, to check off the things on the to-do list, who draw so much from hitting a well-defined goal.

The people who like to build themselves a ladder before they start climbing, to think up a systematic approach that will guide them,

Either way, if you fall more on the chaos or the order side or life, being more present, more grateful, could never hurt.

Being goal driven is certainly nothing detrimental, as long as those are purpose driven.

Seeking and finding joy in the little things will become more rewarding the more we practice it.

If we thank ourselves each day that we can have seemingly simple and mundane things like running and hot water on demand, or grocery stores full of food we can buy, our brains will be trained on paying more attention to them.

If you are already happy for food and running water, you can take it a step further and think about additional things that are great.

A simple gesture your partner uses to make. The fresh air on a cold winter morning. The mug that conveniently holds your tea, so you don’t have to slurp it out of your palms 😘

These are all little dopamine hits that you can give yourself that are not tied to your phone or any other external source.

You will become a more serene and happier person by architecting your own thoughts this way.

Lead a happier life by allowing yourself to see what is hidden under the blanket of the casual every day.

If you imagine yourself on your deathbed, as the Stoics do when practicing Memento Mori, what do you want to feel?

A life well lived and savored? Or a feeling of having rushed from goal to goal, to get to the next big thing. The big wins will come as long as you keep working into their direction. The small things are bonus points along the way.

Learning 💡

Have patience while pursuing your purpose and appreciate what is already given. Practice Temperance to fill up the dull moments with little bits of joy.


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