#5 - How To Stay Humble | Marcus Aurelius

Reflection ✏️

A short reflection on a quote from Marcus Aurelius about how to stay on your toes.

Alexander the Great and his mule driver both died and the same thing happened to both.

—  Quote by Marcus Aurelius

Life moves in waves. There are ups and there are downs. Never be fooled by a streak of happy circumstances and good fortune. You could be down in the pain cave real quick.

Stay vigilant and anticipate bad things that could happen. Don’t be crippled by fear either. You can deal with it. Just make sure you have squared away reasonably well, to deal with likely strikes of bad circumstances.

Whenever you are flying very high, enjoy yourself, but know that it will probably only last so long. So, don’t slack off. Stay on it. Stay humble. Stay on your feet. Keep moving in the direction you set out for yourself. Continue to make the right decisions.

You will only be here for so long, so make it count with every day that has been given to you. Bad luck might strike tomorrow and you might be gone.

Will you be happy with how you acted up until now?

It’s in your hands.

Learning 💡

If you are feeling invincible, pause.

And think again.

Memento Mori


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