#3 - How To Choose Fortune | Epictetus

Reflection ✏️

A short reflection on a quote from Epictetus about how to stay sharp.

Be careful to leave your sons and daughters well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.

- Quote by Epictetus

This quote speaks for itself. Does it even warrant a deeper reflection?

I think it does - in terms of: How far does this go? Is this only related to school, apprenticeships, or university?

I think not.

You can be book-smart, and in that regard be well instructed. But, I think, what Epictetus was referring to wasn't only academia. He was referring to life in general.

You can know a lot about many things and never be well instructed in life itself. In making decisions, in reading people - understanding them, in making a point without hurting other people's feelings, in commanding respect, in serving the greater good, in nurturing relationships, in finding love, in being happy.

You can have endless riches but never come to a point where you'd know how to spend it well on yourself and others.

So, let's write down the lessons we learn during our lives and reflect on who we are, where we're going, where we want to go. Let's take those lessons, insights, and reflections and pass them on to the ones that come after us or even the people closest to us. If we can touch one life and leave a positive impression, is that not already worth living for?

Be your bests selves today, and spark inspiration in others.

Would that not be just in the sense of how you learned too many things from everyone around you? Good or bad. No matter the circumstance. There is always something to be gathered.

Learning 💡

If you leave a fortune to someone who has not been taught how to handle it, it might be gone in a week.

Invest a fortune into building someone's mind and personality and you create a person that will not only find a way to their personal fortune but help others find theirs.

Summum Bonum


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